A mobile design studio. Yup, but, we're based in New York..for now. That is of course until our next plane, train, boat, or hoverboard brings us on another adventure. We like to go on "Inspo Trips" to expand our love of art and design. We take in the culture, meet and connect with local creatives, and get inspired! It's pretty fantastic and ya know, we bet you're pretty fantastic too!

At Freebird Design Studio we make it our priority to "design. create. explore." everyday. Our goal is to create more beauty in this world doing so in the best way we know how, through our design and through our adventures all over this awesome world.

No matter where in the world our studio goes we always provide top-notch design! We love clean minimalist design with a touch of hand-drawn. We bridge the gap between the computer and the sketchbook..between old-school and new-school. So, whether you want something completely digital or completely hand-drawn or our favorite a bit of both we got you covered!

What we do..

Boutique Branding
Web Design
UI Mobile App Design
Packaging Design
Stationery Design
Surface-Patterns and Illustration

Our online store offers a variety of fun cards and wall art, as well as some other neat-o products. It's currently in the works and will be up and running by July 2016! In the mean time stay in the know, gives us a follow on Instagram and a like or two on Facebook!

Freebird Design Studio is proud to offer "Wellness Designs." Our Yoga Instructor is certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yoga for Athletes, and is one of our creatives! She understands the ups and downs and often unconventional lifestyles that creatives and runners have.

So, whether you have a sore shoulder from slapping the bass all tour, a stiff back from hours and hours of sketching, tight hamstrings from hundreds of miles, or are just feeling blocked in your running or creative endeavors. We can help!

We use the pricipals of training and apply them to your specific creative or athletic lifestyle helping to effectively and appropriately incorporate yoga in the most beneficial way for you! Showing you specific poses for your lifestyle patterns and when you should do them. Want to learn more? Send a hello to wellness@freebird.design.

Dreaming of a new design project? Drop us a line or seven! Whether it's helping you further develop your ideas, telling your brand's story, licensing our patterns and illustrations, crafting an invite, or manifesting that totally awesome new Mobile App idea you have, we're excited to chat with you!

General Inquiries: hello@freebird.design
Wellness: wellness@freebird.design